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What is VTV?

Due to COVID-19,  VERGE CAMP could not offer our annual Beach Camp for youth groups. Instead, we are releasing digital content designed to watch in small groups called VTV. Episodes 1-3 air July 6-8, 2020.


What topics will VTV cover?

The theme is entitled “Creative Conversations”. Episodes will bring to light thought-provoking conversations that highlight truths of the Bible under attack in today’s culture in a fun, entertaining way. The VTV experience will not feel like a conference or sermon.


Will their be Special guests?

The format of each episode is fun, engaging and interactive. Although we will not have “sermons” or preaching, we will have VIP guests from previous verge camps contributing to the show each night.


What time do episodes air?

The countdown will begin at 6:20pm Monday, July 6, 2020. Each episode begins at 7pm nightly. A 30 minute pre-show preceeds the episode.


Can anyone watch or are you required to register?

The youtube link will be sent to everyone who has registered for VTV by texting the word VT to 64600.


What are VTV Boxes?

We have curated exactly what a House Party host would need for VTV episodes 1-3 in a living room or meeting space. This VTV Box is designed to facilitate 10 students and 2 youth leaders. We hate to spoil the surprise, but we will let you know that in addition to the post-show small group ministry content, this box is filled with fun and interactive elements to bring summer vibes and optimized group participation.


What would a House Party host need to setup?

  • VTV PLAYLIST on spotify
  • VTV House-party box
  • mount LED lights included in VTV Box
  • orange colored snacks and drinks
  • yard sign outside
  • tv with access to youtube and zoom
  • youth leader to coordinate small group discussion after the show airs